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Continuous Learning materials under class tabs 




         Continuous Learning Materials 6th Grade:


                  Week of May 18th materials:

                               Instructions for Week of May 18th Lessons

                                   Lesson One:

                                        Article Inside the Roman Colosseum

                                        Inside the Roman Colosseum Question Set 

                                   Lesson Two:

                                        Fall of Rome Power Point

                                        Fall of Rome Question Set 


                         Week of May 11th materials:

                              Instructions for Week of May 11th Lessons

                                   Lesson One:

                                        Rise of Roman Republic Power Point

                                        Rise of Roman Republic Question Set

                                    Lesson Two:

                                        Actively Learn Class Code is aiflm

                                        Actively Learn Lesson Ancient Rome 101  



                          Week of May 4th materials:

                                   Instructions for May 4th week lessons:

                                        Lesson One Materials:

                                            How the Olympic Games Began  

                                             How the Olympic games began question set

                                        Lesson Two Materials:

                                             8 reasons it wasn't easy being a Spartan

                                             8 reasons it wasn't easy being a Spartan Question Set


                    Week of April 27th materials:

                                   Link to video instructions:

                                   Instructions for Lessons week of April 27

                                        Lesson One Materials:

                                             Athens Sparta Power Point

                                             Compare Athens Sparta Chart

                                        Lesson Two Materials:

                                             Ancient Greeks Warfare Link

                                             Ancient Greeks Warfare question set



                    Week of April 20th materials:

                                   Lesson instructions Week of April 20

                                        Link to video

                                   Lesson one Actively learn, class code aiflm: Democracy in Ancient Greece

                                       Lesson two Chart compare two governments: Ancient Greece Governments Chart

                                   Chapter 26 Rise of Democracy



         Mesopotamia Civilizations form

                    The First Humans Webquest

                    Chapter 1 Investigating the Past Early Humans

                    Chapter 4 Rise of Sumerian City-States

                    Aplum and the Extra Month

                    Chapter 5 Sumer Civilizations

         Ancient Egypt

                    Chapter 7 Geography of Ancient Egypt and Middle East

                    Mummy Search 

                    Chapter 8 Egyptian Pharaohs

                    Pharaoh of two lands

                    Life of a Scribe

                    Chapter 9 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

          South Asia India 

                    Chapter 13 The Geography of Southern Asia

                    Indus Civilization Quest

                    Chapter 14 Unlocking the Secrets of Mohenjodaro

                    People of Indus Valley

                    Review Quizlet 13-14

          Major Belief Systems and Empire in South Asia

                    Chapter 15 Hinduism

                    Hinduism Power Point

                    Chapter 17 First unification of India

                    Chapter 18 The achievements of Gupta Empire

                    Review Quizlet


           Ancient China

                    Ancient China Geography

                    Chapter 19 Geography and Early Settlements in China

                    Chapter 20 Shang Dynasty

                    Research Links for Shang Dynasty Project

                    Chapter 21 Chinese Philosophies

                    Chapter 22 First Emperor of China

                    Chapter 23 Han Dynasty

                    Tombs and Ancestors

                    Chapter 24 The Silk Road Trade

                   Han and Silk Road Quizlet Review



                    Chapter 25 Geography and settlements of Greece

                    Daily Life in Ancient Greece

                    Chapter 26 Rise of Democracy




              Continuous Learning Materials for 7th/8th Grade

               Week of May 18th materials:

                 Instructions for Week of May 18th Lessons

                      Lesson One:

                         Article Everest thru the eyes of a Sherpa

                         Everest thru the eyes of a Sherpa Question Set

                      Lesson Two:

                         Chapter 29 Mount Everest

                         Chapter 29 4-6 Question Set  


                    Week of May 11th materials:

                         Instructions for week of May 11th Lessons                    

                              Lesson One:

                                   Article Why is Nepal Still in Rubble 

                                   Question Set Why is Nepal Still in Rubble

                              Lesson Two: 

                                   Chapter 29 Mount Everest

                                   Chapter 29 1-3 


                    Week of May 4th materials:

                         Instructions for Week of May 4th Lessons

                              Lesson One:

                                   Article Seeing the New India

                                   Seeing the New India through the eyes of an invisible woman question set

                              Lesson Two:

                                   Chapter 27 Monsoons in South Asia

                                   Chapter 27 5-6


               Week of April 27th materials:

                         Video Instructions week of April 27

                         Instructions for Lessons Week of April 27

                              Lesson One Materials

                                   Seasonal Monsoon and weather Power Point Link

                                   Monsoons Weather and Climate Question Set

                              Lesson Two Materials

                                   Chapter 27 Monsoons in South Asia

                                   Chapter 27 3-4 Question Set 


             Week of April 20th Materials

                             Lesson instructions for Week of April 20  

                                   Video Link

                             Lesson One:                        :

                                   Frayer Model Example

                              Frayer Model Template for your assignment

                              Lesson Two:

                                   Chapter 27 Monsoons in South Asia

                                   Chapter 27 1-2 Questions


           Mexico Central America and Migration


          Caribbean Islands and Storm Threats

                   Chapter 11 Caribbean and Hurricanes

                   Caribbean Project signup links 

                   Helpful links for Caribbean research 


          South America Amazon Rain Forest

                    Chapter 12 Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest

                    Saving the Rainforest 

          South America Andes Mountains

                    Chapter 13 Life in the Central Andes



                    Chapter 14 European Union

                    Chapter 15Population Dilemma in European Countries 

                    Chapter 16 Transboundary Problems

                    Collapse of the Soviet Union

                    Chapter 18 New Nations after Soviet Union Falls

          Northern Africa

                    Chapter 19 Nile River

                    Chapter 20 North Africa and Sahara


          Central Africa

                    Chapter 21 Micro-businesses in Africa

                    Chapter 22 Nigeria Country of Many Cultures

                    Chapter 23 South Africa

          Southwest Asia

                    Chapter 24 Southwest Asia, the Middle East

                    Southwest Asia Geography and Oil Power Point

                    Chapter 25 Istanbul

                    Chapter 26 Aral Sea

                    Southwest Asia Review Quizlet





           Continuous Learning Materials High School American History


           Week of May 18 materials:

                    Instructions for week of May 18 Lessons

                         Lesson One materials:

                              Article March on Washington

                              March on Washington Question Set 

                         Lesson Two materials:

                              Article Civil Rights Act of 1964

                              Civil Rights Act of 1964 Question Set 



            Week of May 11 materials:

                    Instructions for week of May 11 Lessons

                         Lesson One materials:

                              Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

                              Rosa Parks question set

                         Lesson Two materials:

                              Actively Learn Class Code: rq80v

                              Actively Learn How to Change the World Martin Luther King Jr. 



            Week of May 4th materials:

                         Instructions for Week of May 4th lessons

                              Lesson One Materials:

                                   Article Joseph McCarthy 

                                   Joseph McCarthy question set

                              Lesson Two Materials:

                                   Article Why were Rosenberg's executed

                                   Why were the Rosenberg's executed question set



               Week of April 27th materials:

                         Link to Video Instructions for week of April 27th 

                         Instructions for Week of April 27

                              Lesson One Materials:

                                   Life of a Teenager 1950's Link

                                   Life of 50's Teen Question Set 

                              Lesson Two Materials:

                                    Duck and Cover Article Link 

                                    Duck and Cover Question Set 


               Week of April 20th Materials

                         Lesson Instructions for Week of April 20th

                              Video Link

                              Lesson One:

                              Superpowers Political Cartoon Analysis

                              Lesson Two:

                                   Actively learn: Class code rq80v Sputnik leads to Space Race



                             Origins of the Great Depression

                              Stock Prices Yahoo Finance

                              Chapter 30 Causes of the Great Depression

                              Chapter 31 Response to the Collapse

                              Chapter 32 Human costs of the Great Depression

                              Farming Problem

                              Chapter 33 the New Deal

               World War II

                              Chapter 34 Causes of World War II


                              Chapter 35 World War II Impact on America

                              Rosie The Riveter

                              Survivor Stories

                              Chapter 36 Course and Conduct of World War 2

                              Even War Has Rules

                              Chapter 37 Outcomes of World War 2


               The Cold War Years

                              Chapter 38 Origins of Cold War

                              Links for Espionage and the Cold War

                              Chapter 39 Cold War Expands







Optional Learning resources during COVID-19 Closure:

                     Optional Learning Resources and Links Updated April 10




General Helpful websites: 


                         Recording with I-movie


                         Comic strip generators

                         Using Movie Maker 

                         How to find brochure templates in google

                    Music beds for projects

                    Create a Graph

                    Bibliography aid.  Make a bibliography using MLA citiation 


                         Graphic Organizer

                         More Graphic Organizers

                         Time Line Maker 

                         Our Times time line maker

                         Thinkport time line maker include graphics, descriptions etc.

                         News Articles from the past

                         Map the World based on Data topics

                         Gapminder world data 

                         Vintage Ads 1900 onward

                         Newspapers around the World




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